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400T Deck Barge

Length: 35m

Width: 9.0m

Depth: 2.5m

Rib distance: 50cm

Side plate thickness: 8mm

Bottom plate thickness: 10mm

Deck thickness: 12mm

Plate material: CCSA Marine board

Item 400T Flat Deck Steel-structured Barge Note
Model YS-400    
Dimensions and materials Length 35m  
Width 9.0m  
Depth 2.5m  
Rib distance 50cm  
Side plate thickness 8mm Spraying 4 layers of special marine epoxy zinc-rich paint
Bottom plate thickness 10mm
Deck thickness 12mm
Plate material CCSA Marine board
Performance Non load draught 0.8m  
Full load draught 2.0m  
Load 400T  
Deck load 7t/㎡  
Total weight About 150T
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